[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 34170] [Qt] Javascript undefined > 0 returns true on Symbian

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--- Comment #17 from Ivan De Marino <ivan.de.marino at gmail.com>  2010-02-08 02:38:28 PST ---
Something tells me that we are not going to enjoy a proper fix of ARM compiler
for this issue. At least, not where we need it.

Let me explain.
For who doesn't know, Symbian OS requires a version of RVCT compiler that is
quite old: something around 2.x.

Current version of ARM navigates around 4.x (or even more, not sure).
I managed to contact folks in ARM and I received an answer from Peter Lewin
(ARM Technical Support) and he says that:
This has been reported to us, and the problem has been fixed in the latest
patch release of RVCT 4.0 (build 697).

So, unless my knowledge of the Symbian compilation requirements is faulty, I
believe Symbian is not compatible/compilable with such "advanced" version of
the ARM compiler.

And, as a consequence, even if the fix arrived, is not going to applicable.

BUT hopefully Symbian will get fully compilable by using "only" GCCE.

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