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--- Comment #11 from Shafi <shafi.ahmad at gmail.com>  2010-02-07 23:15:49 PST ---
I am getting run time crash with RVCT compiler v3.1 but if the below 2
functions are compiled with RVCT compiler v2.2 it runs fine.


It looks me the run time stack gets corrupted. 
With both the RVCT compiler v2.2 and v3.1 I am getting ASSERTS 
=> ASSERT(argv[argv.size() - 1]->index() == argv[argv.size() - 2]->index() +
in aforesaid functions. 
Please let me know the followings 
1. "op_construct/op_call requires the arguments to be a sequential range of
registers" Is it specific to particular compilers or platform dependent(like
gcc compiler or window platform)?. On window-x86 ia not getting this assert.  
2. Is there any corner case or some particular scenario(s) where the
requirements stated above may fails?

Please note that the profiling is not enabled, the command line used for
compilation is armcpp --cpp --thumb --bss_threshold=0 --debug -c
--cpu=Cortex-A8 --fpu=VFPv3 --fpmode=fast -O1 BytecodeGenerator.cpp 

Thanks in advance.


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