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--- Comment #1 from Patrick Mueller <pmuellr at yahoo.com>  2010-02-04 08:18:50 PST ---
Off the top of my head thoughts: 

(a) every worker should basically have a separate window for itself - could
have all the panels the current inspector window has, but doesn't need the
Elements panel.

Somewhere we would need to provide a list of the Workers that are available to
debug.  Perhaps a button next to the dock button which would present a list of
"contexts" to open, which would be a list of the Workers and the main page, for
now.  Select one, it opens a window on that context.  Calling these "contexts",
since the "main page" needs to be there, perhaps IFrames could be also, as well
as Workers.  Who knows what other contexts may be invented later.

(b) Just mix everything together in one inspector window.  Long-term, this
smells like it will get confusing, as more people use Workers (hence, option
(a)).  At a minimum, perhaps grouping the script list in the Scripts view by
Worker would be good enough.  

To do (b), not clear how we'd handle having two paused contexts - say debugging
something in the main page, as well as something in a worker.  You'd also
presumably have to have a context selector for Timeline, Profiles, and Console.

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