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Chris Rogers <crogers at google.com> changed:

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--- Comment #12 from Chris Rogers <crogers at google.com>  2010-02-03 16:24:07 PST ---
Sorry, I'm re-opening this.  I posted to webkit-dev with the problems with
std::complex - re-pasting here:

In the process of switching my code over to use std::complex I noticed a
conflict with isinf(), isnan(), etc.

The problem is that simply including:

#include <complex>

breaks the isinf(), isnan() functions (and some others I think).  So now I'm
getting compile errors in any header files which use these functions, such as
WebGLFloatArray.h (which I need to include for music visualizer stuff).
I'm a bit queasy about all the side-effects of simply including <complex> and
am not even sure how to address the current situation, short of switching all
of webkit over to using std::isinf, std::isnan, etc.

Now I remember having similar problems with this in other codebases I've worked
on, as the effects of <complex> seem to be viral...

Unless somebody has a reasonable fix for the sinister side-effects of including
<complex> I'd like my patch to be re-considered.


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