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--- Comment #12 from Joanmarie Diggs <joanmarie.diggs at gmail.com>  2010-02-02 03:04:19 PST ---
(In reply to comment #11)

> Is it asked too much if we would work on the DRT support first and then land
> the test cases?

Personally, what I think we should work on *first* is implementing the support
needed by actual end users with disabilities who are trying to access
WebKitGtk. (And who are now coming to us on the Orca list and bugzilla to
inform us that Ubuntu has switched its Yelp to WebKit and now they can no
longer access help content.)

The attached patches implement three (and technically five if you count the
descendants of the combo boxes) AtkRoles that are not currently implemented and
which need to be implemented so that users with disabilities can access
WebKitGtk content that includes objects which (should) have those roles.

If you'd like me to separate out the roles that were implemented from the unit
tests, I'd be happy to.

And once things get under control a11y-wize, I'll even be happy to help you all
work on the DRT support. I think DRT support is important. Really. It's just an
issue of not enough time and not enough people and way too much that still
needs to be done. :-(

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