[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 51035] UCS2 encoding aliases should be defaulted to Big Endian

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--- Comment #40 from Yong Li <yong.li.webkit at gmail.com>  2010-12-16 10:43:42 PST ---
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> (In reply to comment #38)
> > The currently preferred way to resolve such differences is via standardization in HTML5. In fact, HTML5 already sides with IE/WebKit:
> > ---------------------------
> > When a user agent is to use the UTF-16 encoding but no BOM has been found, user agents must default to UTF-16LE.
> > Note: The requirement to default UTF-16 to LE rather than BE is a willful violation of RFC 2781, motivated by a desire for compatibility with legacy content. [RFC2781]
> > ---------------------------
> > The tests added here are very good, and I suggest landing those. But it doesn't seem like we should be changing behavior.
> Tend to agree. But probably we still want to handle 'ISO-10646-UCS-2' and 'UCS-2' as BE?

As IE also uses BE for 'ISO-10646-UCS-2'

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