[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 50833] [chromium] Add support to compositor to composite to offscreen texture.

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--- Comment #2 from W. James MacLean <wjmaclean at chromium.org>  2010-12-10 11:47:36 PST ---
*** The initial patch for this issue is posted for comments/discussion only, and is not intended to represent the final interface. It has not been marked for review. ***

Please add names to CC list who may have important input to this discussion.

The attached patch is experimental code which causes the compositor to composite into an offscreen texture (attached to a RenderSurfaceChromium object attached to m_rootLayer in LayerRendererChromium). It is meant to show a possible method for extending the compositor to do this, and includes sample code in WebViewImpl to actually invoke the code for testing.

* Comments on the approach?

* Have I missed anything that might break compositing? So far testing has been limited to




Interface functions definitely need careful consideration, and I would like your feedback on what is appropriate. Questions to answer:

* is one off-screen texture enough, or should double-buffering of textures be an option?

* is it sufficient to export the texture ID, or should the entire containing RenderSurfaceChromium object be returned?

* Should LayerRendererChromium::copyOffscreenTextureToDisplay() be retained in the final interface?

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