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--- Comment #4 from Robert Hogan <robert at webkit.org>  2010-12-08 11:36:26 PST ---
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> (In reply to comment #2)
> > I think we should avoid using QNetworkRequest::attribute(). Attributes are already the fallback option to put stuff and got really messy over time.
> > 
> > What about QString QNetworkRequest::requestOriginType()? The strings give us infinite flexibility when releasing WebKit, and would not tie QtNetwork to WebKit related type of work.
> I think a new QNetworkRequest::Attribute value would be the right place for this, to avoid adding a new method in QNetworkRequest. Then we could still decide whether we want this public (+ documented), undocumented or as a user value (the last option is probably a bad idea).
> The benefit of QNetworkRequest::Attribute that I see is that if this is just a Webkit-only use case, we don't need to document the value for the new Attribute enum.

So it would just be documented as 'reserved' and the available range for user attributes decreased by one?

I guess the number of sources we want to tag would increase over time. Would that not become cumbersome? It would be nice if we only had to touch Qt once for this and could extend it within QtWebKit thereafter.

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