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Sat Dec 4 16:53:23 PST 2010


--- Comment #3 from Ryosuke Niwa <rniwa at webkit.org>  2010-12-04 16:53:23 PST ---
After debugging for a couple of hours, I'm almost convinced that Position::atEditingBoundary is broken:

// A position is considered at editing boundary if one of the following is true:
// 1. It is the first position in the node and the next visually equivalent position
//    is non editable.
// 2. It is the last position in the node and the previous visually equivalent position
//    is non editable.
// 3. It is an editable position and both the next and previous visually equivalent
//    positions are both non editable.
bool Position::atEditingBoundary() const
    Position nextPosition = downstream(CanCrossEditingBoundary);
    if (atFirstEditingPositionForNode() && nextPosition.isNotNull() && !nextPosition.node()->isContentEditable())
        return true;

    Position prevPosition = upstream(CanCrossEditingBoundary);
    if (atLastEditingPositionForNode() && prevPosition.isNotNull() && !prevPosition.node()->isContentEditable())
        return true;

    return nextPosition.isNotNull() && !nextPosition.node()->isContentEditable()
        && prevPosition.isNotNull() && !prevPosition.node()->isContentEditable();

Kalman, are you familiar with this function?  This might be related to what you've been working on.

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