[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 49016] latest nightly builds kills AC_QuickTime.js

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--- Comment #12 from Andy Estes <aestes at apple.com>  2010-12-02 17:44:30 PST ---
I believe this actually regressed after http://trac.webkit.org/changeset/70748. This is the changeset that removed all of our mappings from classid to MIME type and forced fallback content to be rendered when there is a non-empty classid attribute.

Falling back in this case is the right thing to do, but it exposes a bug in the way we handle embed elements. Other browsers see the embed element and ask their plug-in database for a plug-in that can handle either the MIME type specified by the type attribute or the file extension of the src attribute. In this case, QuickTime says it can handle .png files and is loaded (although relying on this seems brittle; what if another plug-in claims to support PNGs?).

WebKit does things differently. It shares code with the object element which allows it to load images and nested browsing contexts (iframes) as well as plug-ins. WebKit sees that the src attribute points to an image and completely bypasses the plug-in database, rendering the image natively as if it were specified by an <img>.

I think this behavior is wrong. HTML5 specifies that object elements can load images, iframes and plug-ins, but it restricts embed to plug-ins alone. If we followed that, we'd let QuickTime claim support for .png files, pass all the other embed attributes to the plug-in, and things would work as expected (unless another plug-in lays claim to .png, but that's another issue).

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