[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 50380] Implement "required" attribute for select tags

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--- Comment #3 from Dai Mikurube <dmikurube at google.com>  2010-12-02 06:49:23 PST ---
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It looks like "display size" differs from "size" or default size, only if "size" cannot be parsed by rules for non-negative integers. In my understanding, "display size" must be the default "size" if "size" is absent.

> The display size of a select element is the result of applying the rules for parsing non-negative integers to the value of element's size attribute, if it has one and parsing it is successful. If applying those rules to the attribute's value is not successful, or if the size attribute is absent, the element's display size is the default value of the attribute.

In addition, the internal value corresponding to "display size" is only in the WebCore/renderer. Referring values inside the renderer from WebCore/html is unreasonable, I think. To introduce "display size" appropriately, it is better to add a new member variable into HTMLSelectElement. But it may be redundant.

Reading the discussion at the bug 43887, IFMO, ignoring "required" if size > 1 and non-multiple may be reasonable. (Though ignoring it if size == 1 and non-multiple is compliant.) What do you think?

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