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--- Comment #11 from Adam Barth <abarth at webkit.org>  2010-12-01 16:31:23 PST ---
> Why do we want the tool to make committing style errors easy? I don't support cowboys apparently.

Yeah, I suspect you're just not cowboy enough for that command.  ;)

> It's not clear to me why webkit-patch land doesn't do the missing steps, since these steps tend to be idempotent. It would seem to me like if you didn't want to step through the prompts, then that's what --non-interactive should be for.

land is optimized for patches that have already been reviewed via the normal WebKit process.  Such patches already have ChangeLogs and have been checked for style by both humans and bots.

> Also, when I do webkit-patch land, it never does a build or runs tests. I don't know offhand what to make of that discrepancy.

You can have it build and test using the --build and --test flags, respectively.  They used to be on by default but were turned off by default by popular demand.

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