[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 40655] Database access in worker threads results in WebKit SPI notifications being posted from worker threads

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--- Comment #31 from Mark Rowe (bdash) <mrowe at apple.com>  2010-08-17 23:19:35 PST ---
(In reply to comment #30)
> still, if it's a static variable, i don't understand why it needs to be AddRef()'d and Release()'d. i understand that those methods need to be implemented because IWebDatabaseManager has them, but why not have them be empty functions?

::Release is required to return the new reference count, so at a minimum AddRef / Release needs to keep the reference count up to date.  The “delete this” code should never be hit due to our permanent reference kept in s_sharedWebDatabaseManager.  If the “delete this” case were to be hit it would indicate a programming error in the client application, so it may be useful to CRASH() in that scenario instead.  At the very least you’ll need to remove the “delete this” in order to avoid a link error if you’re removing the destructor.

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