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--- Comment #3 from Eric Seidel <eric at webkit.org>  2010-08-16 22:39:50 PST ---
I'm not sure how you do FSAA with a graphics library like CoreGraphics:
Maybe you draw the whole scene non-antialiased and then have some anitaliasing pass?

Despite having written much of our SVG implementation, I really know very little about graphics.  If someone would like to point me towards the right approach/calls in CG or Skia or Cairo, or any other 2d graphics library, I could comment more on the feasibility of wiring this into our SVG implementation.

How does FSAA interact with repaint?

Are 2d drawing APIs expected to maintain some sort of scenegraph under the covers in order to remember the paint order? (Maybe that doesn't matter for antialiasing?)

How would we expose something like this to <canvas>  Wouldn't it want a way to do FSAA as well?

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