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--- Comment #1 from Alexey Proskuryakov <ap at webkit.org>  2010-08-16 05:02:45 PST ---
The test case attached to the Debian bug contains &#x80; in a text/html file (which also has ignored XHTML-style incantations inside). Handling of these is defined in HTML5 section Tokenizing character references:

If that number is one of the numbers in the first column of the following table, then this is a parse error. Find the row with that number in the first column, and return a character token for the Unicode character given in the second column of that row.

Number    Unicode character
0x0D    U+000D    CARRIAGE RETURN (CR)
0x80    U+20AC    EURO SIGN (€)

Obviously, we match the HTML5 spec here.

If iI re-save this test case as an XHTML file, the character reference is interpreted as U+0080.

WebKit correctly implements the relevant specifications, and matches other browsers (I only tested Firefox 3.6.8 this time, but my recollection is that IE does the same). The FAQ is obsolete.

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