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--- Comment #29 from Alexander Butenko <a.butenka at gmail.com>  2010-08-13 16:55:51 PST ---
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> However, I don't think this problem is specific to Google -- you just notice Google the most because Google is the most aggressive at making sites that rely on newer browser features.  E.g. the Apple HTML5 demo site, the newer Yahoo mail, etc. all have similar problems.  You might consider how this code might generalize in the future (the isGoogleDomain() check I guess could be wrapped in a isSpoofNeededDomain() later).

Evan, with all the respect to google, but about what *newer browser features* you are talking about which are supported in chomium and not supported in webkitgtk? webkitgtk share webkit and js implementation with safari about which webkitgtk UA is trully telling by default.

Same problems on the google sites, yahoo mail, etc sounds like a generic bug in UA detection and not a problem with webkitgtk itself. 

Another thing, "your browser is too buggy to serve" way of work is a complete noncence. Developers need to see errors in order to make software "not too buggy".

The other thing is that such kind of a "customer protection" could be a hidden marketing step to force users to switch to a googleTM browser. Thats i believe the most reasonable "bug".

Well, just my 0.02c as im not a webkit dev.

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