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--- Comment #14 from Joseph Pecoraro <joepeck at webkit.org>  2010-08-12 15:21:26 PST ---
(In reply to comment #20)
> A more robust (though certainly not foolproof) check might be `(obj.length ===
> obj.length >>> 0) && "0" in obj`, or even iterating over the object's properties
> until a numeric one is encountered.

I think this check is pretty sufficient.

> I also like kangax's proposal for a separate representation for array-like
> objects, maybe something akin to `<List: [...]>`. I would, however, also like
> to propose using that representation for NodeLists and HTMLCollections as well,
> reserving `[...]` for arrays only.

I also like this idea. Currently we treat NodeLists and Collections as arrays,
and I think they deserve some differentiation.


>    if (obj instanceof inspectedWindow.Array)
>        return "array";
>    if (obj instanceof inspectedWindow.NodeList)
>        return "array";
>    if (obj instanceof inspectedWindow.HTMLCollection)
>        return "array";


It seems the major issue is:

  JavaScript libraries have "array like" collections which would be useful to
  display like arrays in the console! But, sometimes this could go wrong, or
  sometimes this could hide information.

For those "sometimes" cases, like was mentioned above, I think it would be
good enough to indicate that this is in fact not an array, but an "array like"
object. As a user, if I saw this indicator it be helpful, and I might want
to display this as an object instead. So, if that indicator was clickable,
and could toggle between the array-like quick view and the complete object
view that sounds best to me.

Does that sound good? Is there a use case I'm missing?

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