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Marcus Bulach <bulach at chromium.org> changed:

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--- Comment #27 from Marcus Bulach <bulach at chromium.org>  2010-08-12 05:56:33 PST ---
thanks Adam! all comments addressed.

Chris: jorlow suggested adding you as a reviewer for this patch, would you mind taking a look at it?

quick background: this patch parses an "IDBKeyPath" (part of indexed database). an "IDBKeyPath" basically specifies an expression that can be applied to an object in order to extract a property, say "items[3].age" would be applied to an object to obtain the age of the third element in items array of said object.

for completeness, the whole chain besides patch contains:
the "extractor" bit, i.e., given parsed key path and an object, returns the key.

the utility process (sandbox) that will run this code in the chromium side:

please, ping me if you need more information about this.

(In reply to comment #24)
> (From update of attachment 64124 [details])
> WebCore/storage/IDBKeyPath.cpp:58
>  +        return m_currentTokenType;
> Bad indent.  You can also put this all on one line.  Why does the name of the access not match the name of the member variable?

> WebCore/storage/IDBKeyPath.cpp:67
>  +      const IDBKeyPathElement& currentElement()
> Also can be on one line.

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