[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 43151] Add WebKit API for HTML5 FileSystem API

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Tue Aug 10 19:16:29 PDT 2010


--- Comment #10 from Michael Nordman <michaeln at google.com>  2010-08-10 19:16:29 PST ---
Following up on our discussion... other name ideas for this interface could be WebVirtualFileSystem or WebSandboxedFileSystem or WebProtectedFileSystem.

Also I have a question about the form of the 'path' parameters that will be presented to this interface by renderers. Are those full os file system paths or are they more opaque? Full os paths will contain the os username (on windows at least) which goes against having child processes sandboxed so I'm not sure that's the best option?

We could devise a naming scheme for the Web<Something>FileSystem that protects against leaking the os username when accessing the html5 file system, but also allows expressing full os paths (if/when we need to)? A simple prefix could suffice, if a valid prefix isn't present the operation fails.

html5 <origin_id>/perm/
html5 <origin_id>/temp/
os c:/passwords.txt
os \\filer\home\michaeln

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