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--- Comment #4 from Mihai Parparita <mihaip at chromium.org>  2010-08-07 11:41:27 PST ---
I happened to be running all the layout tests with --slowest, and I noticed that isindex-with-no-form-base-href.html and isindex-formdata.html both took 30 seconds, since they trigger a DRT timeout with the HTML5 builder. The attached patch still has them fail, but in <1 second (since it actually checks for the things that are no longer there with the HTML 5 parser). Is something like this worth committing as a stopgap?

As for the tests themselves, isindex-formdata.html is definitely no longer valid with the HTML5 tree builder, since <isindex> elements inside <form> is supposed to be ignored (and is tested by LayoutTests/html5lib/resources/isindex.dat), so perhaps it could be deleted altogether.

isindex-with-no-form-base-href.html seems tricker, since it has a naked <isindex> element, which per http://www.whatwg.org/specs/web-apps/current-work/multipage/tokenization.html#isindex should generate a wrapping <form> (and does). However, that form has no action attribute, and I guess pre-HTML5 builder, the generated (empty string) form action was resolved against the <base href>, but that's no longer the case. I can't find anything in the HTML5 spec that defines the behavior either way, but Adam or Eric are probably more familiar with that.

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