[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 42922] [chromium] WebViewClient should have an elementClicked() method

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--- Comment #9 from Jay Civelli <jcivelli at chromium.org>  2010-08-02 16:07:35 PST ---
Sorry my patch was wrong. I meant to have clickedElement be the clickedNode, not the focused element.

As you suggest, I could probably use an event listener from the Chromium side instead.
I could add an event listener for mousedown on the document in render_view.cc
I have to use mousedown instead of click because by the time I get notified of the click, the mousedown event already focused the field and I have no way of knowing if the input field was focused before it was clicked (I need to know that so we can have the autofill behavior where clicking a focused input shows the autofill popup).

I am not sure there is a reentrency problem in that case, but I can see how some other listeners might change the focus. In that case we probably would not want to notify for autofill purposes. I could post a task so to process the notification and check which element is focused after all listeners have returned (once the stack has unwinded).

Do you think it makes sense?

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