[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 42827] Use the js-execute-active(entered) Frame to check the user gesture of page instead of checking the top frame

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--- Comment #18 from Yury Semikhatsky <yurys at chromium.org>  2010-08-02 00:31:23 PST ---
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> @Yury, According to the comments in crbug.com/44070, looks like the root cause of the bug 41350 was not directly related to getting the dynamic/entered frame in ScriptController::processingUserGesture. Are you OK with defining the function as static member function of ScriptController and checking the user gesture status of the dynamic/entered frame?

The problem was in the assumption that any entered context has an internal field pointing to V8DOMWindow which is wrong in case of devtools utility context. In the scenario which I was trying to fix we had an inspector JS code calling inspector bindings from the utility context and then native inspector code invoking some method that required isProcessingUserGesture check. The check would end up with an assertion failure in V8Proxy::retrieveWindow(because there is not pointer to V8DOMWindow from the utility context). Making ScriptController::processingUserGesture not depend on the entered context looked like a good solution and I continue to think that it shouldn't depend on the entered context. ScriptController has access to the Frame and to its owning Page which should be enough to figure out whether there is an active user gesture. 

There is already a static method UserGestureIndicator::processingUserGesture() and having another one with the same name  also static looks confusing.

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