[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 32926] Styles Inspector: Revert font back to "'Lucida Grande', sans-serif" and "10px"

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--- Comment #17 from Chris J. Shull <chrisjshull at gmail.com>  2010-04-29 08:02:18 PST ---
(In reply to comment #16)
> Another idea: UserCSS. What if we give user ability to choose his own CSS for
> Web Inspector? Maybe someone don't like not just fonts, but colors or even
> layout.
> ...
> Alas, WebKit doesn't have site-specific stylesheets. But we can store CSS in
> localStorage, isn't it? 
> What do you think?

I love this idea. I've been wanting an easy way to tweak the web inspector's
look for a long time.
I don't think localstorage is the way to go though. 

Right now Safari has a way to select a user Style sheet (under Advanced in
However, It seems that this does not get applied to the web inspector. What if
   1) it did apply to the web inspector or
   2) there was a place to select an inspector style sheet?

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