[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 36883] Generic parallel painting in WebKit with Qt backend

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Tue Apr 20 23:56:16 PDT 2010


--- Comment #18 from Zoltan Herczeg <zherczeg at webkit.org>  2010-04-20 23:56:13 PST ---
1) I thought so. As QPicture is Qt specific, I asked the community whether they
would prefer a less platform dependent solution, and some said yes. Since
GraphicsContext and QPainter basically have the same purpose, I can record the
GraphiscContext commands as well.

2) I know the first title was misleading. The focus of the project is speeding
up the painting. Anti-aliasing is also applied to the images, which I don't get
when drawing on the screen.

Still, I think this approach is a benefit regardless of the process model,
would make both WebKit and WebKit2 model faster. Although the QPixmap drawing
restrictions are still a blocker, but I hope Qt will eventually make it thread

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