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--- Comment #24 from javier <jevv.cr at gmail.com>  2010-04-18 10:08:37 PST ---
Hi, I'm using right now:

local/libwebkit 1.2.0-1
local/midori 0.2.4-1
local/jre 6u20-1

I think webkit 1.2.0 already grabbed the fixes on this bug, since before when
trying to detect the java plugin on java.com with midori (webkit-gtk) was not
possible.  Now it is, and the right version of the plugin is found by java.com.

While som things are working, still some are not.

The bank I have my accounts under uses something they call "virtual keyboard",
it's a java applet which allows entering the letters of the password through
the keyboard, but the numbers need to be button pressed by the mouse.  The
applet shows up, and one can enter the password, but when pressing enter, it
never gets to grant access to the bank account, although there's no error
reported.  With firefox and the same version of the plugin, I have no problems
at all.

The other issue I'm phasing is that under a corporate firewall, with firefox
the java plugin is detected with no problem.  However with midori (webkit-gtk)
the plugin is never detected, as the prior to these fixes behavior.  The java
support should also be granted under a firewall.

I'm taking advantage the bug hasn't been closed, even though it says it's

Could any one look into these issues?  I know the bank account one is hard to
reproduce since most people won't have a bank account under "www.bncr.fi.cr",
but hey, I'm hoping some other similar applets might also be failing...

Also, is it recommended to open new bugs, or move this one to open, or perhaps
just hope the issues are to be addressed with this same one?

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