[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 37491] "enableSuddenTermination has been invoked more times than necessary" log message after calling the Debugger() on mail.ru

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Thu Apr 15 18:59:59 PDT 2010


--- Comment #4 from Mikhail <mg at mactelabs.com>  2010-04-15 18:59:59 PST ---
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> I can't reproduce this. Could you please describe this in more detail?

Any help from me. You can also contact me directly using Skype.

One comment before answering the questions:
1. I has not been able to reproduce this issue using WebKit r57509 (13 April

2. There is the video regarding this issue: 

> Specifically,
> - does this happen on other sites besides mail.ru,

I has not been able to reproduce it on www.apple.com/startpage/,
I suppose that it something flash-related.

> - how you switch between application (Cmd+Tab or clicking in their windows),

By clicking on their windows (I did not check "Cmd+Tab").

> - how you navigate to mail.ru,

1. Click into Safari adress bar
2. Enter "mail.ru" or "www.mail.ru"
3. Press "Enter"

> - whether you wait for page loading to finish before going to TextEdit,

Website loading has been complete, full webpage has been loaded. 

> - whether this happens if you set home page to a blank one.

Yes, same results if empty page is home one.

> Does this happen if you log in using a guest account?


> Do you have any "Safari enhancers" or "extensions" installed?

All "add-ons" has been removed and I have been able to reproduce it even after
restarting Mac.

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