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--- Comment #5 from Nate Whetsell <nathan.whetsell at gmail.com>  2010-04-12 18:53:16 PST ---
The issue appears to be due to differences between how Firefox (Gecko) and
Safari (WebKit) do layouts when position:absolute is used, but
top/bottom/left/right are not. In these cases, top/bottom/left/right are all
set to "auto," so the browser is free to position such elements wherever it
wants to. Firefox seems to place the element *to the right* of whatever came
before it. Safari seems to place the element *below* whatever came before it
(sometimes -- more on this later).

StudentLoans.gov uses absolute positioning, but uses margins instead of
top/bottom/left/right to set actual positions. The negative margin used to
place the sign-in button is roughly equal to the width of the "main image"
(with all the smiling people in it) plus the width of the "Manage My Direct
Loan" image. In Firefox, this will currently work because the sign-in button is
actually placed to the right of the main image. In Safari, because the sign-in
button is on the line after the main image, moving it so far to the right moves
it out of the window. I will attach a simplified example called "StudentLoans
test" illustrating this. I'll need to do this as a ZIP file because of the
necessary images.

What's odd, though, is that Safari's automatic placement behavior is variable.
I will attach two more examples (HTML only) illustrating this. The presence of
whitespace between text and an absolutely positioned element affects automatic

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