[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 37413] Render SVG Paths up to first error

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Mon Apr 12 08:59:55 PDT 2010


--- Comment #7 from Dirk Schulze <krit at webkit.org>  2010-04-12 08:59:55 PST ---
(In reply to comment #6)
> Hi Dirk,
> The SVG spec has always been clear on the error handling for paths, even going
> back to SVG 1.0:
> http://www.w3.org/TR/SVG10/implnote.html#PathElementImplementationNotes from
> 2001
> WebKit has just not been compliant in this regard
> Personally, I think displaying partial path is better than displaying nothing. 
> Plus it's what other browsers do.
> If you like, I can investigating updating the test script to indicate that some
> error was encountered in the updated patch that I'll have to do after Bug 37431
> gets checked in.

Would be great if you can update the results now, that 37431 got landed. You
don't need to change the script, if it is to complicated to catch an early
break on parsing. But it could be helpful, if the test mention this case.

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