[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 34888] Mac OS X: Use deployment target to determine whether memory tagging should be enabled

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Mon Apr 12 04:33:11 PDT 2010


--- Comment #24 from Kent Hansen <kent.hansen at nokia.com>  2010-04-12 04:33:10 PST ---
Alright, updated to r57338 and no more crashes.
Here's vmmap output after building QtWebKit with the patch on Leopard:

REGION TYPE             [ VIRTUAL]
===========             [ =======]
ATS (font support)      [   33.7M]
CG backing stores       [   2092K]
CG raster data          [    676K]
CG shared images        [   3208K]
Carbon                  [   1096K]
CoreGraphics            [    136K]
IOKit                   [  256.0M]
MALLOC                  [   31.8M]
Memory tag=63           [    768K]
STACK GUARD             [   67.8M]
Stack                   [   13.1M]
VM_ALLOCATE ?           [   36.1M]
__DATA                  [   11.8M]
__IMAGE                 [   1240K]
__LINKEDIT              [   16.1M]
__OBJC                  [   1728K]
__PAGEZERO              [      4K]
__TEXT                  [  152.8M]
__UNICODE               [    532K]
mapped file             [   30.5M]
shared memory           [   16.0M]

Since we are targeting Tiger, the line for "Memory tag=65" that was in the
Safari build (not targeting Tiger) is gone. This is because we fall back to -1
for VM_TAG_FOR_REGISTERFILE_MEMORY when targeting Tiger.

Note that "Memory tag=63" is present since that one works on Tiger (previously
the tag was defined as -1).

Testing QtWebKit on Tiger now.

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