[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 37204] RenderThemeChromiumMac.mm should share code with RenderThemeMac.mm

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Fri Apr 9 22:29:26 PDT 2010


--- Comment #7 from MORITA Hajime <morrita at google.com>  2010-04-09 22:29:26 PST ---
Hi Eric, Thank you for reviewing!

> OK.  This is WAY better than what we have now.  The only worry I have is burned
> on the Mac folks and/or regressions to the Mac code.
I agree your concern. 
Fortunately changes on RenderThemeMac.mm is small and is (or should be) trivial
It just added empty hooks, extract a part of code blocks to methods.
I hope these changes would be acceptable...

> I think the new methods you're adding to RenderThemeMac.h should be
> commented/documented in the header.
Added comments to explain their purpose.

>This guard seems unecessary:
>15961 PassRefPtr<RenderTheme> RenderTheme::themeForPage(Page*)
>16062 {

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