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--- Comment #14 from WebKit Review Bot <webkit.review.bot at gmail.com>  2010-04-06 17:34:41 PST ---
Attachment 52687 did not pass style-queue:

Failed to run "['WebKitTools/Scripts/check-webkit-style', '--no-squash']"
exit_code: 2
Last 3072 characters of output:
  any such category.  The filter input "-whitespace,+whitespace/braces" fails
  the category "whitespace/tab" and passes "whitespace/braces".

  Examples: --filter=-whitespace,+whitespace/braces

  Certain style-checking behavior depends on the paths relative to
  the WebKit source root of the files being checked.  For example,
  certain types of errors may be handled differently for files in
  WebKit/gtk/webkit/ (e.g. by suppressing "readability/naming" errors
  for files in this directory).

  Consequently, if the path relative to the source root cannot be
  determined for a file being checked, then style checking may not
  work correctly for that file.  This can occur, for example, if no
  WebKit checkout can be found, or if the source root can be detected,
  but one of the files being checked lies outside the source tree.

  If a WebKit checkout can be detected and all files being checked
  are in the source tree, then all paths will automatically be
  converted to paths relative to the source root prior to checking.
  This is also useful for display purposes.

  Currently, this command can detect the source root only if the
  command is run from within a WebKit checkout (i.e. if the current
  working directory is below the root of a checkout).  In particular,
  it is not recommended to run this script from a directory outside
  a checkout.

  Running this script from a top-level WebKit source directory and
  checking only files in the source tree will ensure that all style
  checking behaves correctly -- whether or not a checkout can be
  detected.  This is because all file paths will already be relative
  to the source root and so will not need to be converted.

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -f RULES, --filter-rules=RULES
                        set a filter to control what categories of style errors
                        to report.  Specify a filter using a comma-delimited
                        list of boolean filter rules, for example "--filter
                        -whitespace,+whitespace/braces".  To display all
                        categories and which are enabled by default, pass no
                        value (e.g. '-f ""' or '--filter=').
  -g COMMIT, --git-commit=COMMIT, --git-diff=COMMIT, --git-since=COMMIT
                        check all changes after the given git commit.
  -m INT, --min-confidence=INT
                        set the minimum confidence of style errors to report.
                        Can be an integer 1-5, with 1 displaying all errors.
                        Defaults to 1.
  -o FORMAT, --output-format=FORMAT
                        set the output format, which can be "emacs" or "vs7"
                        (for Visual Studio).  Defaults to "emacs".
  -v, --verbose         enable verbose logging.

This script can miss errors and does not substitute for code review.

ERROR: no such option: --no-squash

If any of these errors are false positives, please file a bug against

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