[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 37057] Adding NavigationType to the ResourceRequestBase during loadURL

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Sat Apr 3 13:33:15 PDT 2010


--- Comment #4 from Pierre-Antoine LaFayette <pierre.lafayette at gmail.com>  2010-04-03 13:33:15 PST ---
Thanks. This patch is a dependency for a chromium patch that I am working on. I
did not mark it for review because I'm waiting on the chromium patch review
before I'm sure that this WebKit change is necessary. 

I'm trying to determine, from the browser side, if a download has been caused
by a user clicking on a link. If the NavigationType is available in the load
request, then we'll get this information synchronously. Otherwise, we have to
store state for a bit; which could possibly be compromised by subsequent user

If this is addition is not reasonable, I suppose we'll have to figure out
another way.

> This patch isn't marked for review, but anyway, I don't think that it's
> something we should do. A ResourceRequest isn't necessarily related to any
> navigation - it's also used for XMLHttpRequest, for example.

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