[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 23346] Restore form control values to a wrong form

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--- Comment #26 from benjie at lablife.org  2010-04-02 17:28:29 PST ---
Beat: I believe Kent is talking about taking the hash of the form DOM.

The problem with NOT taking the hash of the form DOM, is that there is no other
good way for the browser to know that the form has not changed. Since WebKit's
behavior is on back button, it reloads the page, if the form has changed, then
restoring form values will give you the wrong behaviors.

Right now, I can't come up with any better solution. To me, the acceptable
solutions are: 1) use some kind of hash thing to see if the form has changed,
or 2) no restore of values unless the page is loaded from cache, and not from
server. If the form's DOM changes and there are different input elements,
restoring values will result in a bogus form. 

This may be outside the scope of this particular discussion: but is there a
good reason why WebKit refetches page on back button? I figure there must be.

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