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--- Comment #23 from MORITA Hajime <morrita at google.com>  2010-04-01 03:12:30 PST ---
Darin, thank you for reviewing.
And I'm sorry for my short of attention to the standard compatibility.
I updated the patch.

> Does the HTML5
> specification or another W3C specification mention this? What does it say?
HTML5 says that we should throw exceptions for nodes from foreign documents, as
you mentioned.

> Does any other browser implement this? What does that browser do? Is there any
> documentation for this? What does the documentation say? 
Firefox accepts foreign nodes. But its behavior is different from us.
In Firefox, selection of certain window (or document) can hold nodes from
another document.
But rendering doesn't reflect it.
For example, when selection.collapse(foreignNode, 0), selection.anchorNode is
set to foreignNode.
with nothing selected(highlighted) on the foreign document (nor the document of
the selection).
This behavior is incompatible to HTML5 standard,
It is also hard to follow for WebKit due to our VisiblePosition design
that requires the valid nodes of selection's own document.

IE doesn't support selection API.

Updated patch goes between Firefox and HTML5 spec.
The patch just ignores foreign node, without throwing an exception.
Doing so, applications will keep running somehow even if they assume Firefox
in contrast to throwing exception that will stop the program.

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