[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 14566] Changing document.domain does not raise javascript exception

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--- Comment #20 from Yuan Song <song.yuan at ericsson.com>  2009-09-23 06:15:40 PDT ---
(In reply to comment #19)
> We’d like these tests to work inside the web browser as well as in
> DumpRenderTree when possible.

I agree. However, in this test case "fast/forms/basic-textarea.html", the
"CSS1Compat" part never works in the browser before. Because the
"standardsIframe" has a data URL, which allows no cross-frame access. So it
makes the "CSS1Compat" part of the test fail in the browser.

While the DumpRenderTree allows the frames that have file URL to gain universal
access to any other frames. Then it makes this part of the text runnable.

So setting "document.domain" here is not only unnecessary, but also faulty.
Removing the code of setting "document.domain" won't change the original
behavior of the test case in any aspect.

Making this test case runnable in a browser is a separate issue. My proposal is
to make "standardsIframe" load an empty HTML page with DOCTYPE defined instead
of using data URL. I already tried and it worked. But shall I include this in
my patch or a new patch instead?

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