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--- Comment #17 from Alexey Proskuryakov <ap at webkit.org>  2009-09-22 09:29:45 PDT ---
> 2. In certain languages, namely Indic, Tibetan, Myanmar and Khmer, which are
> supported in harfbuzz, syllables are non-breakable. I looked at each of their
> implementation and found in Myanmar and Khmer, the maximum syllable length is
> 15 and 12, correspondingly, in theory.

It's certainly true that there are many long unbreakable character sequences in
Unicode (another example is decomposed Roman text, e.g. U+0065 U+0301 U+0302
for é̂). But are there cases where unlimited look-ahead is necessary? It
certainly isn't in my example, because each accent has appropriate Unicode
properties that tell us about it being composed with the previous character.

> So as a result, using the remainder of the text buffer is the best compromise
> of code robustness and performance. Hopefully, we can improve the Qt
> performance later. If all the reviewers agree, I will submit the new patch.

Anything that's correct, not too complicated, and doesn't regress performance
of other ports is fine with me.

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