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--- Comment #14 from Antonio Gomes (tonikitoo) <tonikitoo at gmail.com>  2009-09-15 19:55:39 PDT ---
thanks for the comments.

this patch v0.2 does not make changes in WebCore and qwebhistory any more, but
keeps the same functionality, so it might easier to understand

(In reply to comment #2)
> Your MainFrameLoadMode (ugly name) is a flag, but that is not obvious.
> Actually I would prefer a LoadMode enum (NormalLoad, SubstitutionLoad) and the
> substitution load would do the following

Done. actually I did it as following:

* NormalLoad.
* SubstitutionLoad -> no back/forward or global history change.
use case: a custom home page, that after user navigates ways, it is not desired
it to leave any footprint.
* NoGlobalHistoryChange -> no global history change for the load.
use case: a ErrorPage set

maybe we do not need the later flag: we could make 'substitutionLoad' not to
block session history but the global, but instead add API for locking the
session history as in the previous patches (another bug).

> setHtml taking a substitution url? That just seems wrong, a load() method
> should be used for this, thus implement a load(..) that takes a LoadMode as
> well.

/me thinks about it ...

> exclude global/session history and not modify the internal url, thus still
> making url() and requestedUrl() return the previous url. Thus the substitution is transparent.

i am also tending to leave the substituteUrl parameter out (but kept it for
this patch version)

(In reply to comment #11)
> This is what SubstituteData is fore

thanks. I was making use of it. but realized that no passing failingUrl to
SubstituteData() make history not get changed.

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