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--- Comment #6 from Carol Szabo <carol.szabo at nokia.com>  2009-09-15 11:45:35 PDT ---
(In reply to comment #5)
> Can you reference what part of the standard implies that?  They are two
> different controls, so I don't see a problem with the styling requirements
> being slightly different.  That said, on a platform that doesn't treat them as
> different controls, all the normal styling should work in the same way.  On the
> Mac, the default search control just doesn't support the same kinds of
> arbitrary styling as a regular text field.

I was referring to section of the HTML5 spec.
Where it is specified that Text and Search inputs both generally represent a
single line edit box. I understand the Note about platforms where special
search controls are available, but I was testing on Windows XP and Qt/RedHat
which (as far as I know)  do not provide specialized search controls (the
search control looked to me like a regular text box at least until I started
applying style to it).
If the consensus is that this is a non issue and that setting the background
color to black and the foreground color to white should create on some
platforms a control where the caret and the text are invisible, then probably
this bug should be closed as invalid.
To me, styling of the "Search" type input should be either prohibited by the
user agent, for the goal of creating a "search" control that matches the
platform's style, or followed to the same extent as for the "Text" control.
Accepting styling for the foreground color, but not for background seems
counterintuitive in any case.

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