[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 8519] WebCore doesn't fire window.onerror event when uncaught JavaScript exceptions are thrown

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--- Comment #33 from Greg Hazel <ghazel at gmail.com>  2009-09-12 03:26:03 PDT ---
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> (In reply to comment #31)
> > The bottom line is that you can't put try/catch everywhere, and especially (and
> > unfortunately) considering the performance hit it represent. What I'm
> > interested in building is a way to trap unexpected errors and send it
> > automatically with details, user agent, stack trace etc to a backend
> > application in order to learn about bugs users will never report and help have
> > an idea of their frequency.
> [...]
> I second that, and actually is exactly what I'm doing in supporting clients.
> Trapping all unexpected errors at the top level does in fact reveal some of the
> unexpected glitches in application.

Agreed. Another good example of this is that window.onerror is called if there
is a syntax error on the page, which try/catch can not catch.

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