[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 29106] [Qt] make CachedResourceHandle.h compile in winscw Symbian compiler.

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Fri Sep 11 03:31:36 PDT 2009


--- Comment #7 from Janne Koskinen <koshuin at gmail.com>  2009-09-11 03:31:36 PDT ---
> RefPtr is not related here. 
> The root cause is the base constructor requires CachedResource* argument.  When
> CachedResourceHandle<T>(R*) is used, the compiler tries to convert R to

Right you are. I had a fix in CachedImage that I had forgotten. Putting the fix
into base class is better.

Those who still are sceptical:
mwccsym2 tries to resolve inlines immediately and here if the constructor is
not taken out would give "illegal use of incomplete struct/union/class" - error
as the actual class is not yet been defined within the compilation unit, only
forward declared.

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