[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 28862] [Qt][API] Add a new QGraphicsWidget based version of the "QWebView"

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--- Comment #52 from Kevin Rogovin <kevin.rogovin at nomovok.com>  2009-09-10 03:46:12 PDT ---

> Unfortunately if it doesn't remain binary compatible it cannot be part of the
> public API. That's exactly the issue, and that's also why Tor Arne suggested in
> an earlier comment that we should use QWebPageClient as a staging area for API
> that should become public once we're confident that it's a reasonable thing to
> have in a view of QWebPage.

You are right, and the QWebPageClient is the right thing to do, but, what I do
not see how to do is to keep binary compatibility since the files under
qt/WebCoreSupport/ are all thinking "QWidget/QWebView" and to keep binary
compatibility would they have to support both QWebView and QWebPageClient with
preference to QWebPageClient?

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