[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 28930] Enable switch for notifications in Page Settings

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--- Comment #8 from John Gregg <johnnyg at google.com>  2009-09-04 12:53:20 PDT ---
Maybe I'm not explaining it precisely, but there are a lot of similar options
in WebCore/page/Settings.h:
        bool m_isJavaEnabled : 1;
        bool m_arePluginsEnabled : 1;
        bool m_databasesEnabled : 1;
        bool m_localStorageEnabled : 1;
        bool m_sessionStorageEnabled : 1;
        bool m_offlineWebApplicationCacheEnabled : 1;
        bool m_downloadableBinaryFontsEnabled : 1;
(and _many_ others), which is what I meant by "following the pattern of other
new features". 

The goal is to support a command line flag to the browser which causes the
javascript object to be exposed or not exposed, in order to roll out this new
feature gradually.

Without a change like this the best option is exposing the same javascript API
at all times but changing the behavior of the API based on options, which is
less ideal.

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