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--- Comment #9 from Brian Tarricone <bjt23 at cornell.edu>  2009-10-30 19:08:21 PDT ---
Ok, I figured out (one of) the problems with my first patch: a stupid typo
exchanging an x coordinate for a y coordinate.

I've also switched to using cairo instead of gdk to do the drawing.  There are
still some problems (wmode=transparent has some drawing issues, though =opaque
works fine), but it's pretty decent now.

I'll clean up and attach the patch in a bit.

Not sure about the approach of using client-side windows, especially since we
don't know what toolkit the plugin is using (and we need to pass an X Drawable
for the plugin to draw on).  Now that I look at them after the fact, the NPAPI
docs on developer.mozilla.org actually specifically say to use an X pixmap for
the plugin's drawing surface.  Not sure if that's normative or just
informative, though.

Mark, not sure about performance... "unfortunately" I have a pretty speedy
dual-core machine, so I wouldn't notice a slowdown without some benchmarking. 
It looks *really* nice right now to me, anyway... no noticeable difference from
windowed mode.

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