[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 30612] Race condition in WorkerRunLoop::postTaskForMode

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Fri Oct 23 10:58:16 PDT 2009


--- Comment #1 from Dmitry Titov <dimich at chromium.org>  2009-10-23 10:58:16 PDT ---
So the easy fix would be to make WorkerRunLoop::Task ThreadSafeShared. However,
the pattern of usage of MessageQueue in all places (workers, localstore,
database) is that we create a task, append it to the MQ, which signals to other
thread. The signaled thread takes the task from the queue, runs it and discards
This is straight scenario for OwnPtr/PassOwnPtr because at no moment in time
there are multiple owners of the tasks, the ownership is passed very cleanly
from one thread to another.
So we can stop deriving all kind of task classes from ThreadSafeShared and
change MessageQueue to take ownership of a task on append and pass it to the
fetching thread later. This will remove quite a lot of unnecessary thread-safe
Patch is forthcoming.

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