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Xan Lopez <xan.lopez at gmail.com> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Xan Lopez <xan.lopez at gmail.com>  2009-10-22 07:57:13 PDT ---
OK, after looking at this a bit more: it seems what's happening is that our
port reports glyph 0 as the one to be used for the character 0, ie (from

    Glyph zeroWidthSpaceGlyph = glyphPageZero->glyphDataForCharacter(0).glyph;

zeroWidthSpaceGlyph will be 0.

The next few lines prevent this from being used:

    if (zeroWidthSpaceGlyph) {
        if (zeroWidthSpaceGlyph != m_spaceGlyph)
            m_glyphToWidthMap.setWidthForGlyph(zeroWidthSpaceGlyph, 0);
            LOG_ERROR("Font maps SPACE and ZERO WIDTH SPACE to the same glyph.
Glyph width not overridden.");

So we never force the width of the ZWS to be 0, and later in the test 4 is
used, which seems to be the width of the space glyph.

If I remove the if (zeroWidthSpaceGlyph) check our test passes, so question:
does the 0 glyph have any special significance? Is it a bug in our platform
that we are returning it for the character 0?

CCing hyatt and mitz since they were the ones last touching this code (2 years

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