[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 30266] REGRESSION(r47852): Crash on drag and drop

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Thu Oct 22 01:02:41 PDT 2009


--- Comment #22 from noel gordon <noel.gordon at gmail.com>  2009-10-22 01:02:40 PDT ---
Test in Chrome 3 ( I checked both 'Text' and 'text/plain'.  Either
work, but only with a small change to your test :)

When text is being dragged, 'Text' _and_ 'plain/text' are both present in the
event.dataTransfer.types array, in some implementation-defined order.

Line 88 of your test reads:

  shouldBeEqualToString('event.dataTransfer.types[0]', FORMAT_TYPE);

Here types[0] is assumed -- that can fail in other implementations.  So maybe
something like:

  if (event.dataTransfer.types.indexOf(FORMAT_TYPE) == -1)
    // Test FAILED ...
    // Test PASSED ...

would be better.  I'll leave you to fill in the test logging details, and re-
run the tests.

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