[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 30614] Web Inspector: Render timeline information in the frontend

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--- Comment #7 from Timothy Hatcher <timothy at hatcher.name>  2009-10-21 09:36:05 PDT ---
(In reply to comment #6)
> I thought about it for some time and here is what I'd suggest:
> Add a TimelinePanel that looks like the one on the screenshots. Leave resources
> panel as is.

This makes sense to me.

> - This timeline panel will not have sticky enabled mode - one will need to
> enable it each time he opens inspector. Enable splash screen will have a list
> of events with checkboxes against them though. These are instrumentation
> settings, are stored in inspector settings.

I guess it is sticky until you close the Inspector right? Why not make it
global sticky? Other panels are just as bad to keep always enabled. Why not let
this one?

> - Render timeline bars differently: do not use round bars, adjust style a bit
> so that user could differentiate this panel from resources one.

I agree. I will mock this up in a little bit.

> - On this new panel, paint all resources using same color (blue). These are
> load events. Paint other types of events using other, different colors.

So the resources you see corispond to load events? Is the bar as long as it
would be on the Resources panel, or just as long as it takes to fire the load

> - Remove time/size elements. Stack timeline graph and aggredated legend at the
> top.


> - Event instrumentation should be configurable, a button in status bar leads to
> the splash screen with settings. (Use 3D CSS to flip to settings as on iPhone
> :)?).

Would changing the config reset the timeline?

> - Every log entry is collapsible, one can collapse all.

Yep. I also have another idea that I want to explore and will include in my

A seperate mode that aggregates on event type, instead of the waterfall look.
So rows like "Load", "Parse HTML", "Evaluate", etc. All the events of each type
would show up as broken lines. I think this will give a superior overview to
everything. Clicking on (or maybe expanding) a row would show you a waterfall
for that type. But that might not be super useful, since you loose context with
other events… hmm. I'll think about this expanded state some more.

> - There is a zoom window on the timeline

Yep. We might want this on Resources too.

> - Every log entry is selectable, upon selection it provides textual information
> about its start / end / information specific to the event. Parent items provide
> aggregated graphs with distribution of time between their children types (as
> the top one in resources).

Sounds cool to me.

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