[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 30173] [Qt] Make it possible to apply the CSS background color to the native painted widgets instead of to the actual element

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Wed Oct 21 07:21:49 PDT 2009


--- Comment #18 from Tor Arne Vestbø <vestbo at webkit.org>  2009-10-21 07:21:49 PDT ---
Shouldn't we _set_ the default background color based on the QWebPageClient's
palette at some point (in adjust* or extraDefaultStyleSheet), and then always
set the option.palette to the backgroundColor when we paint?

That we don't have to store the default and check if it's changed.

I'm assuming we want the behavior of rendering google.com with a yellow
line-edit if the developer has modified the QPalette of either the application
or the widget. This is the behavior of FF on Linux at least. If the site wants
a background color (always white eg.) they set it, we pick it up from the CSS,
and set it on the option palette when rendering.

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