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--- Comment #2 from Joseph Pecoraro <joepeck at webkit.org>  2009-10-20 22:08:58 PDT ---
Adding/Editing Selectors was added in bug 27124.  This allows you to create a
"new class".

As for "connecting it to a node" this is more complex. Currently you can do
this by editing or creating the "class" attribute on the element in the element
tree hierarchy.

This could be a nice case for HTML5 Drag and Drop (DnD).  Drag a Selector and
drop it onto a node in the hierarchy.  The problem I see here is that it
wouldn't be immediately obvious.  Take the following scenarios:

- Drag CSS Selector named ".highlight" onto a node in the tree and add the
class name "highlight" to that node.  This makes sense because the selector
itself is a "class" selector.

- Drag CSS Selector named "#footer" onto a node in the tree to apply all of the
style rules inside the selector to that node's style attribute.  This is not
immediately obvious, and should probably be avoided.  Editing the selector
(already possible) might remedy this problem.

If we add DnD between CSS Selectors and the Elements Tree then I propose that
only ".classname" selectors be given that privilege.  As always,
discoverability is  major problem with these kinds of situations.  Otherwise I
think DnD for the Styles Panel would be better suited to reordering the styles
(changing the specificity).


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