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Sun Oct 18 19:46:55 PDT 2009


--- Comment #4 from Laszlo Gombos <laszlo.1.gombos at nokia.com>  2009-10-18 19:46:55 PDT ---
(In reply to comment #3)
> Thanks, for working on a cleanup.

Thanks for the review.

> - Removing EPOCALLOWDLLDATA from all executables makes sense.
> - You are right, it appears that EPOCSTACKSIZE is set by qmake to the max value
> (0x14000) already, and it would be redundant. The problem though is that it may
> not be guaranteed that all qmake versions will set that value. If not set, the
> symbian's build system falls back to the default, which is way lower than
> needed. It might be safer to keep the definition in all exe's .pro files, even
> if redundant.

Ok, will add EPOCSTACKSIZE to the patch.

> - Janne is right that the basic capabilities needed are "ReadUserData
> WriteUserData  NetworkServices". We should set these explicitly for all
> executables under WebKit/qt, instead of CAP_APPLICATION (I also saw that this
> macro is not available on public SDKs).

Good catch on the public SDK - will fix the patch. 

> - The problem with the previous one is that you set it in WebKit.pri, which is
> also processed by WebCore.pro. 

WebCore.pro does include WebKit.pri, but it will never reach the patched
section. I admit it is hard to follow all the conditions in WebKit.pri (hint
check out building-libs). 

The change only impacts executables (QtLauncher, QVGLauncher, all tst_*) and
not QtWebKit.dll (you can test it by temporary adding an error() to the patched
section of WebKit.pri and qmake WebCore.pro).

> QtWebKit.dll, however, should have the max set
> of capabilities that calling processes may require. Per convention, for shared
> libraries that are used by a variety of apps, it is "All -Tcb". Otherwise, we
> run into the problem that apps which require certain capabilities outside the
> minimally needed ones cannot load the dll (the side-effect of the weird
> capabilities model in symbian). We could add the missing capabilities in
> WebCore.pro (I think), but that doesn't appear to be clean. Thus, I'd suggest
> to keep TARGET.CAPABILITY definitions in the respective .pro files of the
> executables (QtLauncher, QVGLauncher, all tst_*).
> - This patch only addresses WebKit.pri but I assume that your intention was to
> also cleanup the respective .pro files as well, once we have an understand what
> goes where.

I think this change will set the correct capabilities/mem attributes for
(QtLauncher, QVGLauncher, all tst_*) in one location.

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